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We’re Making Compliance Easy

Providing compliance, training, investigation, and consulting services for higher education.

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We Help with Higher Education Compliance so You Can Focus on Higher Education

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To receive federal funding, Colleges and Universities must comply with what can feel like an overwhelming amount of regulations, laws and guidance. We know compliance can be stressful – that’s why we’re here.

Whether you need a focused solution to comply with a specific law or a broad solution for a range of topics, UECAT can help. UECAT provides trainings, policy review, investigations and consulting services so that you can focus on what matters most – your students and your school.

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Compliance Resources by Topic Include:

Title IX · Clery · VAWA · Section 504 · ADA · Free Speech · Academic Freedom · Campus Health and Safety · Drug Free Schools · Athletics Compliance · Managing Risks for Clubs and Organizations · DOE Program Reviews and Audits · OCR Reviews · Privacy · FERPA · HEOA Compliance Obligations


“Working with Claire is amazing as she sees the process from a human perspective, while interpreting from a legal standpoint through the lens of higher education practice and policy. When working with Claire, I was fortunate to learn how interpretation is essential, as decisions are ultimately made to meet both our student and community needs, as well as meeting policy expectation.”

– Dean of Students

“Claire’s investigation style is direct, transparent, and trauma-informed. At the end of the investigation, all students consistently feel like they were truly heard. As an administrator, she kept me updated throughout the process, consistently met deadlines, and was accessible and flexible with scheduling. Claire follows our University process exactly, clearly articulating to students what is within her role as the investigator and what is within the role of the Title IX coordinator. Her reports are clear, thorough, and easy to read. Hiring an investigator with Claire’s background and expertise allows the Title IX coordinator to breathe a little easier.”

– Lead Title IX Coordinator

“Claire’s expertise in Title IX policy implementation and trauma informed investigations was invaluable in helping me handle cases of sexual misconduct at my university. Claire’s knowledge allowed me to feel confident that I was handling Title IX cases in line with all relevant laws and regulations.”

– Student Conduct Officer