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Creating Policies & Procedures

Sample Policies

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Policies · Grievance Procedures · Annual Security Reports · Environmental Health and Safety Polices · Disability Services Policies · Drug-Free Schools · HEOA Required Policies

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Creating policies and procedures that are consistent and compliant with laws and regulations is a tremendous undertaking. There are numerous policies and procedures that are directly tied to an institution’s obligations under its Program Participation Agreement and the Higher Education Act. Understanding this, UECAT offers services to help institutions draft policies and procedures that comply with relevant laws and regulations. Whether you are drafting a sexual misconduct and relationship violence policy to satisfy the requirements of Title IX and VAWA, or a disability services policy to comply with the ADA and Section 504, UECAT has services to help.

UECAT helps institutions create policies that are fair, balanced and in line with evolving best practices.