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DOE Program Reviews

The Department of Education routinely undertakes audits and program reviews of institutions of Higher Education participating in Title IV programs. All institutions receiving Title IV funds are subject to these reviews. These reviews can happen at any time. Sometimes the DOE will provide notice to the institution of a pending program review; and sometimes they will simply show up. Therefore, it is critical to be prepared for a DOE program review before it happens.

During a program review, the DOE will likely examine the institution’s financial aid, student academic and fiscal records. The DOE will also likely review the institution’s student consumer information, as well as its policies and procedures. The DOE will want proof that the institution is in full compliance with its Program Participation Agreement and may request records for multiple years.

While it may seem daunting and overwhelming to prepare for a program review, it doesn’t have to be. UECAT will help your institution plan and prepare for DOE program reviews or assist you as your school goes through a review.

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Be Ready

Preparation for DOE audits before they happen.

UECAT will review policies, procedures and practices and identify gaps in compliance.

Emergency remote services available.