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Title IX & Employee Investigations

Title IX and
Clery Investigations

To help colleges and universities provide a prompt, thorough and impartial response to reports of sexual misconduct and relationship violence, UECAT offers prompt and equitable  investigative services that are compliant with Title IX, Clery, VAWA and other relevant laws, and are designed to be consistent with each institution’s unique policies and procedures.

Employee Misconduct Investigations

When faced with an allegation of employee misconduct, including complaints of discrimination and harassment, it is beneficial for an institution to use an independent investigator. With that in mind, UECAT provides its clients with investigative services that are prompt, thorough, impartial, and compliant with relevant state and federal laws.

Independent Investigations

Prompt, Thorough, and Impartial

Compliant with Relevant State and Federal Laws

Consistent with Institutional Policies and Procedures